Abstract Fancy Blue

This is a simple collection of blue candles and candle-like stuff.  These are the sort of thing that I find people will commonly have in their homes for candle-y things.  For me this stuff is a little bland, compared to some of the candles I’ve been working with (Venus de Milo OMG).  I do like the overall look of it though, it’s elegant and pretty.  The big piece is actually not a candle but some sort of lantern, it has liquid inside (kerosene?) that the wick dips into and this is how it’s supposed to be lit up…..sadly this wick was not working out so I put a tea light on the base instead.  I think that for this arrangement, the individual pieces are rather bland but it comes together nicely…..so the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts, for me at least.  This one really came together with the additional of the blue glass tiles.  My mom had given these to me and by a happy coincidence 4 tiles fit exactly into my favorite candle base.  I think it looks particularly nice as the glass tiles are reflective and it makes for some interesting shots.