Abstract Green Pillars

This is a collection of lovely green pillars that I picked up from the thrift shop over time.  At the time I was going to the thrift store once a week and I picked up candles every week for months so I have a bunch of these.  I suspect a candle distributor went out of business because these were all new and marked down from an outrageous price and they burn well so I think they are high end candles.  The base is a Partylite product that I bought from my friend who is a Partlite consultant.  I believe it’s called Bamboo Leaf Pillar Holder or something like that.  I really love this base; it will definitely turn up in other arrangements.  I like that it’s reflective and it’s large enough and feels and looks very well made.  I will say this for Partylite, it’s not cheap but the quality is untouchable and many of the pieces are well worth the investment if you like candle stuff and can afford to splurge sometimes.  So for this arrangement I deliberately broke the rules of pillar candles, which of course state not to put them too close together.  I crowded them hoping for an interesting melt and it worked out very well.  This arrangement burned for a couple of sessions, many hours, to get to this point.  I love the look of the wax waterfall, how it spills over the edge of the base and makes a big splash of wax on the table.  I’m sure this is too messy for most, but it’s the kind of thing I enjoy, I really like the free flowing organic look and feel of melted wax.