Abstract Lovebirds

This candle garden was a while in the making.  I collected the lovebirds some months ago and I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with them until the spiral block turned up.  For some reason I thought that the birds and the spiral block would go very nicely together.  I added the balls as pillar candles seemed too harsh and symmetrical for the arrangement. The balls needed to be colored otherwise the whole arrangement would have been white & bland. The base of this garden is a floor tile that the previous owners of my house left behind.  My mom was over one day and she saw these tiles in the garage, applied felt bumpers to the bottom (the kind you use on the bottom of furniture legs to prevent floor scratches), handed it to me and said “Here’s a new candle base”.  This was a fantastic idea because the marble-floor look of the tile goes well with many of the arrangements I have planned…….thanks mom for yet another flash of brilliance!