Abstract Yellow Flowers Tray

The base of this garden is something my mom picked up for me and I think it’s very pretty.  It looks like it’s from the 70s to me; something about the look of it is retro.  This is an abstract arrangement that I really like, it’s very warm I guess due to the yellow flowers.  I like the squares on it, it’s a structured contrast to the flowers and it’s interesting to me.  I’m guessing the squares are intended to represent a lattice like the kind you would use to grow vine-type plants or flowers.  Another nice feature of the tray used is the lip around the edge; it’s nice when I don’t have to worry about the wax dripping down onto anything.  I’ve gotten wax on my rec room carpet and I can tell you that cleaning wax from carpet is not a lot of fun and very difficult to do well.  I also like the candle holders themselves, they are tiny and lovely and gave me a chance to light some of the smaller tapers that I have, as they don’t fit into regular taper bases.  I had to cut them down to short size so they would work out.  It looks like the candles are growing from the bases.