Alien Laboratory

This was inspired by the votive candles with the random globs embedded in the bottoms – apparently these are supposed to be fruit.  My partner saw these ones and he said they looked like something you’d find in an alien laboratory, so I decided to build one.  Yup, that’s all it takes for me, just some random comment and I’m off to the races. The low walled candle holder that the alien is touching is a PartyLite product I purchased through a friend who is a PartyLite consultant.  The 3 tall glass holders with the tea lights inside is also a PartyLite product that I picked up specifically for this candle garden.  I’m sure I’ll find other uses for them; I quite like the look of them.  So this is the result of collecting random spaceship looking items over a few months.  The toughest thing to find was the alien figurine.  I looked EVERYWHERE for a traditional Roswell-type alien toy and I finally had to go to a flea market to pick one up.  Flea Markets are awesome, after months of looking I walk up to a booth and say “Have you got any aliens?” and tah-dah!  Flea markets are really something else, it’s a cozy/scary little microcosm staffed by total characters, and it’s a lot of fun I swear!  Flea markets have become my go-to to find specific items I am looking for, this alien lab was my first encounter with flea market shopping and I am up for more.  So as far as this lab goes, I don’t know what this fellow is up to exactly but it’s alien in nature.  This guy looks pretty sinister so I’m guessing he’s some kind of alien Walter White (Breaking Bad reference alert) making the alien equivalent of meth or something of the sort…….he sure doesn’t look legit to me, but his lab is very nice!