Ancient Pottery

This arrangement has a number of candles with an interesting non-standard candle shape.  Most of these candles that are shaped like gourds were found all together in a single package but there have been a couple that came from random candle bag collections.  I feel that the unusual shape is function specific, it seems to me that these candles are for a specific type of candle holder, but I haven’t seen one that they fit yet.  When I looked at them they looked like old pottery to me, the shape is like an elongated gourd.  The brown flat disks are actually scent melts that I included because to me they looked like plates.  Melts are supposed to be used in a holder that has a tea light underneath to melt the wax; the scent is released as it melts.  I like to use candles in unusual ways, sometimes it works out and sometimes not, I did a gems one that didn’t burn too well as the candles really needed to be stood upright for them to melt properly.  This one was very messy, especially since I added rocks and sand to give it an authentic look.  It was worth it though, I find sometimes these arrangements turn out better than expected; this was one that falls into this category for me.  The pictures turned out very well and it’s visually interesting.