Angel Band Jam

I’ve mentioned before how angels are a popular knick knack item theme, angels with instruments are a very common sub-theme.  I guess angels are musical creatures, which is interesting because enjoyment of music is largely considered to be a ubiquitous human characteristic.  I guess angels are modeled after humans to some extent or they wouldn’t have such a great love of music.  So this arrangement is a band of angels and they are rocking out to some angel tune….the cherub version of pop music, whatever that might sound like…..when I see angels with instruments or singing for some reason I imagine it’s like a dog whistle, on some sound wave frequency that humans can’t hear.  I love the gold gilded angel candles; they look really nice and are very intricate and detailed in design.  The cello guy looks a little bit evil to me, maybe angel rock stars are like human rock stars and they are naughty, risk-taking creatures.  I’ve included a white and gold ceramic angle candle holder here as well, angel shaped candle holders are a dime a dozen but I like the look of this one.  I also quite like the taper holder angels, the look is simplistic and clean, which is good because the rest of the angels are so busy looking.  The transparent angels with the gold painted wings are Christmas ornaments, you can tell from the loops they have on their heads.  Overall, I am happy with how this turned out in general.  In general, I’m not crazy about the look of angels but they do have super powers, which is pretty cool in my books.  When this one melted the gel candles in the middle formed a super candle, also pretty cool.