Angel Council in the Topiary

The pieces for this garden came in 2 different sets, my mom picked up the angels first from a thrift store and then a couple of weeks later she brought me the topiary pieces.  When I saw the bush candles I knew I had to combine them with the angels, they just looked perfect together.  I think that these angel and topiary bush candles are among the top candles I’ve ever seen, so unique.  So this is an arrangement whereby the council of angels is interviewing an angel in the garden where they meet.  The single angel is facing the council for some unknown reason.  I suppose even angels must get up to mischief now and again.  The topiary bushes are controlled by the angels; they can change the shape of the bushes at will.  (I figure angels would have some cool superpowers).  I added rocks and leaves to the arrangement, the details are really important when it comes to arranging candles, they can make a world of difference to how you feel about the end result.  This garden looked simply amazing when we lit it up.  I have a number of angel themed gardens; angels are very popular as knick-knacks and candles as well.