Angels and Flowers

Angels and flowers really says it all.  Angels seem to be a popular item as candle holders and candles as well.  I used a white ceramic floor tile as the base; it seemed to suit the candles better than a black base.  It turns out that angels need fancy flooring.  The gold harp that the gold angels are checking out came from a bag of jewelry that I purchased from VV boutique (Value Village).  They have bags of random jewelry for around $4 – $8 and I found this harp in this one.  FYI, I buy the bags of jewelry and take it apart for my daughter’s bead collection so she had interesting stuff to make string jewelry out of.  If you are buying beads for craft stuff like that I can tell you that I get a lot of variety with the random bag of jewelry approach.  The gold lined flowers are a nice touch, if angels have super powers then turning regular stuff into gold would be one they possess for sure… King Midas just by touching it, not like wizards that have to do work to make gold.  So I guess angels are fancy and like to gild the flowers.