This candle garden was inspired by the movie Avatar, of course.  I collected blue candles and purple candles and green candle for about 6 months for this one.  A number of the non-candle elements were made by my mother.  She picked up the fake plants and spray painted them blue for me.  The glass plant was painted as well.  The log-looking item in the center ground by the “horse” is actually a castoff piece from a welding station (my mom works in manufacturing) that she painted for this one.  I have to give most of the credit for this garden to my mother, it was her idea and everything.  She even came with me to the flea markets to look for Avatar figurines, which of course we found (you can find ANYTHING if you go to enough flea markets!!).  This is the biggest garden I’ve created so far, with 118 candles.  Lit up it was HOT, we couldn’t burn it for too long as the heat was ridiculous and it would have made a big mess.  I did re-use a lot of the bigger candles for making smaller abstract gardens for burning around the house.