Bacon and Eggs

So this candle garden is a bit cheeky, I fell in love with the pig and I wanted to build a candle garden with him as the focus.  When my mom brought me the eggs I had this idea.  I think that in real life it might be a bit cruel to name a pig “Bacon” but this guy is a candle so it works for me, I can sleep at night because he has no feelings.  It seems to me that most people living in the western world are pretty far removed from where their food comes from.  I think that if people still had to slaughter their own animals for food there would be a lot more vegetarians around.  I think in general we’re pretty wimpy these days……they just don’t make us like they used to.  I consider myself very fortunate to come from a farm family, I’ve been exposed to how food is grown and processed and it’s helped me to appreciate healthy food choices.  It’s also helped me to appreciate how good farm fresh produce tastes compared to what I buy in the grocery store, I swear the sun that shines on my grandparent’s fields is magical because their food tastes amazing…..or maybe it’s the love either way it’s pure magic to my taste buds.