Black and Goldfish

This candle garden is really funky, I really like the look of this one.  It’s a bit of an odd mix of glass pillars candles with colors to match the tray.  The tray is soooo gorgeous it has such a beautiful mix of black and orange and the pattern on the tray is very organic looking with swirls and layers of colors.  The glass tubes have vegetable and fruit matter in them that I think goes well with the organic look and feel of the tray.  The black stones that have the goldfish on them were purchased in two separate transactions; although they are identical they were not purchased as a set.  One of them was from a garage sale and one of them was from a thrift store.  This candle garden looks somewhat otherworldly to me, it’s very dark and shiny and somewhat sinister…..what happened to the fruit and veggies that they ended up twisted up in the tubes?  Seems to me it was most likely something unpleasant and toxic.