Butterfly Queen

This candle was inspired by this butterfly candle I picked up at a thrift store.  I found some small butterfly candles at the dollar store and pulled it all together into a candle garden.  I imagine that the butterflies are gathered around their queen paying respect and such.  What I really like about this garden is how bright and colorful and summery it is.  The plastic grass and flowers came from a plastic mat I picked up at the dollar store, the tufts of grass were removable so I pulled some off and placed them around the butterflies.  This candle garden didn’t burn for very long but it sure was a pretty centerpiece for our dining room table for a week or so.  I’ve kept the butterfly wings from the queen; they pretty much melted in half.  I’m going to use them in another fairy candle garden; they will be broken pieces of a butterfly statue.  I think if I did a butterfly one again I would find a way to suspend the butterflies so it looks like they are in flight.  I’ll have to find some more butterfly candles first……the hunt begins!