Candy Land

This candle garden was inspired by some “Lite Saver” candles my mom bought for me.  I had the idea of doing a candy garden but I didn’t have enough materials until my mom found the candle gumdrops, that’s when it all came together.  It’s a great theme, who doesn’t love candy right?  For me, candy shaped candles are even better than the real thing! (no calories) I added the big pink candle to this arrangement as I thought it looked like cotton candy and I needed some height in the arrangement.  The finishing touch was the Jelly Belly jelly beans; they look amazing, so varied in color and so bright.  This arrangement looked awesome the entire time, whether lit or not, and the wax melted in the neatest ways so it looked super cool once melted also.  I had to stop my partner and daughter from snacking away all the Jelly Belly jelly beans, they were too tempting just sitting there waiting to get wax melted on them.  My partner says this is his favorite one to date and he had a good time taking pictures of it as it was visually quite interesting.