Cat and Mouse Game

This is one of my favorite gardens to date.  I do these candle gardens to amuse myself and this is one I find particularly entertaining.  The cat and mouse have these wonderful poker faces on, it really works for me.  So they both have a royal flush in spades, it seems pretty clear that they are both cheaters.  The whiskey glasses are 2 small candle pots that I burned to get to the pots, they looked like highball glasses to me.  My friend Jill suggested that I have them drinking as well as gambling and it was a great idea; the bottle is of course a single shot mini bottle of rye whiskey.  The mouse has a snack, a nice piece of cheese I got from my kiddo’s LPS collection and the bowl the cat has is full of kibble munch.  My cats kept eating the kibble from the bowl so I had to fill it fairly frequently while I had this one on display.  I wonder what they made of that, a nice little snack bowl of kibble just lying around…..they probably think I’m a little bit batty but that’s okay I can live with my cats judging me.  Sometimes I think they think it’s their job, cats can come across as having a superiority complex, you get used to it after a while.