Chatty Pumpkins

This is one I did for Halloween 2012.  Halloween is my favorite holiday of all, IKYDK.  This garden is called chatty pumpkins because they like to socialize.  I think that we mostly think of pumpkins as loners (if we think of pumpkins at all) but these guys are social butterflies.  The expressions on their faces look very lively to me.  I don’t know what pumpkins talk about but I can guess – “Hey your name is Jack?  Mine too, what an amazing coincidence…..last name O’Lantern?  Wow what are the odds….I wonder if we’re related??” I guess I’m not giving pumpkins much credit, but note that I’m assuming the pumpkin brain is scooped out with the seeds…..although ironically they do get brighter once they become a Jack O’Lantern….On another note, I you’ve never cruised the internet looking for cool carved pumpkins you are missing out, there is lots to see. It’s pretty clear to me that I’m not the only one whose favorite holiday is Halloween.  Some people out there have mad skillz when it comes to carving pumpkins, props to them.  For those of you out there who love Halloween as much as I do, I salute you… doesn’t get any better than Halloween to get the creative juices going.