Coffee and Dessert Tray

This arrangement came together over time after my mom started bringing me the most amazing looking chocolate shaped candles.  I had a couple of people thinking the desserts were real before they looked closely….they were quite surprised that the desserts were actually candles.  The ice cream bowls came from Dollarama and the big slice of cake came from another dollar store, but all the rest of the candles had been brought to me by my mom and come from thrift stores.  The tray itself is actually quite nice; it’s a big wooden serving tray that I picked up from a thrift store for $2, it’s covered with a napkin so you can’t see it but it’ll turn up as a base in other arrangements.  I added actual chocolate sauce to the ice cream bowls; they looked rather bland without it, I did this right before lighting them.  When the candles were melting the chocolate sauce heated up and smelled quite nice.  The whole arrangement smelled amazing when unlit, but once lit the smell was even stronger and more wonderful. I kept this arrangement in my kitchen for weeks because it looked really good and the smell was just amazing……although walking into a kitchen that always smells like rich chocolate is not so great for the waistline or for fighting chocolate cravings!