These cow candles were given to me by my mom, she picked them up at a thrift store.  I absolutely LOVE these cow candles; I’ve never seen anything like them!  I fell in love with the baby cow tea lights, these are really cute and appealing….yes I love miniature stuff!!  The bee candle sitting on the tree stump is one of a set of 4 candles; these are the candles that inspired me to start building these candle gardens.  I really really like the bee.  I found the stump the bee is sitting on in a thrift store, the second I laid eyes on it I knew I had to have it for the bee candle to sit in.  This candle garden was fun to watch it melt.  The baby cows melted in the middle, so most of their heads remained intact.  I took the heads of the baby cows and melted them onto the mommy cow, for a horror shot…..looking back on it, I should have melted red wax around where the heads are attached to the mommy cow, for a special effects extravaganza!