Crooked Little Houses

This was inspired by the amazing looking house shaped candle.  My mom had picked up a few little houses, just in case I might need some one day, and she was so happy when she found the house shaped candle.  She also found the metal tower pieces, I don’t know what they actually are but for my purposes they looked like neighborhood infrastructure so I used them with the little houses.  I tried arranging this on a flat base but somehow it didn’t have any personality like that….so I used a smaller base and it turned out crooked which looked sooo much better somehow.  Sometimes symmetry can be visually boring, although technically symmetry is a large component of beauty, go figure.  I didn’t burn the pillar candle too long; I want to use it again although I don’t quite know what it’ll be for.  I quite like this pillar, it’s not something you see every day and the houses on it are old-timey so I know it’ll come in handy for a future candle garden.