This is a very simple candle garden that is very pretty despite being simple and minimal.  The pillar candle in this arrangement is very lovely and works very well with the flower candles; to me it looks like it could have come as a set.  I used a picture frame that I bought at Dollarama as the base because I just loved the wood pieces on the outer frame.  At the time I picked it up I didn’t know what it was for but it definitely came in handy for this one, seems to work well.  The flower candles are very nice as well, sort of halfway between realistic and cartoon looking….they look somewhat real but are too uniform and precisely petaled to be from nature.  This arrangement reminds of summer, it’s like a ray of sunlight in a dark place.  Summer is coming to an end in my part of the world and I miss it already.  Thank goodness for wax flowers that stay bright all winter…….it’s a poor substitute for summer but when winter is kicking my butt I’ll take whatever I can get for summery things to cheer me up.