Dinosaur Bathtub Party

The dino-guys are at it again!  This time they are in the bathtub getting cleaned up from all the partying they do.  My mom gave me these bathtubs; they had soap-type stuff in them when she bought them.  They’re super cute and I needed new tubs since my other tub was accidently set on fire when the care bears were taking a bath.  I actually prefer these tubs, they looks nicer and are non-flammable, probably a good idea since I’ll be setting things in it on fire (and yes, I should have figured out that the plastic bathtub would melt, but Captain Obvious took the day off and didn’t stop by to let me know at the time) I really like working with the Dino-guys, they are super cute candles and they really like to party…..they are definitely my kind of terrible lizards.  The one Dino guy has to take a bath in a separate tub because he likes to roll around in smelly stuff and the others refuse to bathe with him.