Dinosaur Beach Party

These Dinosaur beach party are the cutest!  These guys look super happy in their cozy little garden.  So this candle garden is much more like a real garden than most of the others.  The birdhouse is one of my favorite pieces, I think it’s gorgeous and I will most likely be using it in other arrangements.  I also really like the watering can; it’s very detailed and just a lovely candle.  The flowers are also very nice looking and cartoon-y as well so they go very nicely.  The snails live in this garden and hang out and just happily follow each other about as they parade around their home turf.  Speaking of turf, the plastic grass mat is another Dollarama find and I found it after my partner suggested that I look for fake grass to add to some of the gardens, great idea it looks really great in the pictures.  These guys are peaceful and are a very happy snail family……..I’d guess it’s easy to be happy when you’re a cartoon snail, their life looks very pleasant indeed.