Dinosaur Nursery Party

This is another in the “Dinosaur Party” series.  The dinosaur candles are from Dollarama and they are supposed to be birthday cake candles.  I really like the look of the little guys, they look very happy and festive, I can always use some of that.  Doing this one was fun because I got to shop for adult dinosaurs.  I wasn’t aware of the huge variety of dinosaur toys and figurines that are available; there is tons of dino-themed stuff out there.  It seems odd but the human race has only known about dinosaurs for a couple hundred years, prior to that the discovery of dinosaur bones were thought to be from giants or dragons.  But I digress…so this one is the dinosaur nursery, of course, and the adult dinosaurs are most pleased at the fine batch of baby dinos that arrived.  Two of them are high-fiving each other and the other one looks to be gasping with excitement and pleasure at the arrival of the little ones.  My favorite in this one is the little red guy who is bursting from his egg and is super happy to embrace his new world.  That’s how I get up out of bed every day…….in my ideal world of course.  I think this means that one of my role models is a dinosaur candle with an imaginary personality, I’m not proud but it is what it is.