Dinosaur Playroom Party

It’s the dino-guys again and this is their playroom where they hang out and have fun with their toys.  The big red and blue dinosaurs are special to me as they were made by my mom.  This is one of her first attempts to make candles using a mold.  I believe the molds she used for the dinosaurs were intended to make Jell-O shapes. In this setting they are intended to be something like a blow up toy for the little dino-guys to play with…..I had a blow-up clown punching bag when I was a kid, seems odd to me now but apparently at the time violence against clowns by children was encouraged.  The base is a marble chess board my mom picked up for me at a thrift store.  As always, the dino-guys are partying and having a good time.  They like to play soccer and they are all musical as well, they play saxophone, it’s a dinosaur thing.  This garden did not burn for very long but it was lovely while it did and I really like working with the dino-guys, they are such cheerful little candles.