DJ Wedding Lantern

This candle garden was inspired by and is dedicated to a friend of mine who recently married his long time partner.  This is a marriage of two very successful men who have been in a monogamous loving relationship for over a decade.  I’m happy to be able to attend a gay wedding, I am totally in support of gay marriage, why shouldn’t gay people have the right to be miserable like the rest of us, am I right??  All kidding aside, I think everybody should marry whoever they like, so long as everybody involved is a consenting adult and nobody gets hurt.  This wedding was the most emotionally powerful wedding I’ve ever attended; I cried often and copiously….much to my chagrin (I’m no crier dammit!).  Honestly I’ve never been to a wedding that moved me so deeply.  I think it was the big happy smile on my friend’s face that did it for me, this is a deeply happy, very positive person and I’ve never seen him smile bigger or more frequently than he did at his wedding…..he told me that the next day his face was sore from smiling and I’m not surprised at all!  The colors of the flowers at the wedding were orange and purple so I decided I wanted to do a candle garden to honor the happy couple.  The brass lantern is actually the centerpiece from our table at the wedding, which was given to me by the person at our table who won it (based on having the b-day closest to the day the couple met). He saw me eyeing it up and generously offered it to me (thanks Don!).  Whenever I see orange and purple flowers, from now until the rest of my days, I will have thoughts of this wonderful wedding and I will appreciate the privilege of being able to witness this loving union.  D and J, I wish you all the happiness and success that life can possibly bring you!