Doggy and froggy in the flower garden

This is one of my favorites; I love how the dog looks so surprised to see the frog in his garden!  The dog candle was given to me by my mom; she picked this candle up at a thrift store.  I’m still debating whether the doggy candle was hand-made.  It has some rough edges that make me think it might be handmade; the texture of the candle is fairly uneven.  If it is homemade, whoever made it did a great job, good work!  I just love the eyes on the dog; with the wrinkles in his forehead he looks so concerned.
The froggy candle came from a set of 4 animal & bug tea light candles that my mom had picked up months ago.  It was actually this set of tea lights that inspired me to start making candle gardens; the set was so nice I had to build themes around the candles to show them off.