Easter Garden – 2011

This is the garden I did for Easter.  I hadn’t planned on creating an Easter one but my daughter bullied me into it.  It’s not much to look at, basically a mish-mash of candles and ceramic pieces that go with an Easter theme but not necessarily together, from an aesthetic perspective.  These are all candles and ceramic pieces that I picked up at various thrift stores.  Check out the Easter bunny ceramic with the basket, for some reason this bunny looks angry and evil…..maybe he’s tired of delivering eggs at Easter time.  Maybe he got his butt kicked by angry chickens when stealing the eggs (they have to come from somewhere!!) and he’s not over it yet.  I’m hoping next year’s Easter garden comes out better.  The chick tea light in this set is part of the original 4 that I had picked up that inspired me to start building candle gardens.  My daughter suggested using it in this garden as chicks are very Easter-ish.