Fairy Princess Garden

This garden was inspired by the funky ribbon-like tower candle.  I found this candle in a thrift store and it made me think of either an alien planet or a fairy world, something with odd plant life.  I added some new elements to this candle, in the form of pepper stems.  I was cutting up peppers for a stir fry and I noticed how cool the stems look when they have the seeds attached so I added them to the garden.  I think they add a cool visual element to the garden and make it look other-worldly.  My daughter donated the fairy; it was a Happy Meal toy.  She quite enjoys making the candle gardens with me and this was one that she particularly enjoyed.  She got quite the kick out of using the pepper seed pods; this idea of using vegetable in the candle garden tickled her fancy. I will use vegetable matter in future candle gardens; I think that broccoli would make an interesting element.  I’ve come across a few more of the ribbon candles and I am planning on making more of these fairy gardens.