Fallen Leaves

These leaf candles were collected over a period of 6 months or so.  I just kept finding leaves here and there, and my mom brought me some as well.  So I pulled them together into a single garden and I think it works well.  The colors of the leaves seem like autumn to me, rather than new summer leaves.  I added some little plastic leaves that I bought at the dollar store, I think they go nicely.  The base is something I also picked up at a dollar store, I guess it’s supposed to be a generic wall print but I think it works great as a candle base and I would use this type of base again.  The large item in the arrangement is rather interesting, it’s basically a tea light holder made from wax.  I was hoping it would melt along with the leaves but that didn’t work out.  The leaves did melt in an interesting way though, so I am somewhat okay with how it turned out.  I’m keeping the burgundy tea light holder to use in another arrangement; I would like to arrange candles close to it so it melts nicely.