Fancy Apples

It seems that apples are a popular item when looking for craft stuff.  My mom found all of these apples for me and I put them in a pitcher bowl that I had gotten for my housewarming party from a friend (Thanks Janet!), I just love the color combination of the red and the cream.  I put the apples in the bowl and it brightened up my kitchen for a few weeks.  I really like the gold apples and I hope I get a chance to re-use them in another candle garden one day.  There was a golden pear that had been broken and was not suitable for use that we cut open to see what it’s made of; reason being it has an odd texture, sort of spongy with a bit of give to it.  It’s amazing what they make fruit out of these days.  I really like the big apple candles in this arrangement; they look astonishingly real and are the right size and shape for a big red apple.