Fancy Coffee Tray

This is a garden that is close to my heart, in that I love me some fancy coffee.  Latte, cappuccino, mocha whatever…if it’s creamy and sweet I’m all over it.  My mom had given me the cup candles and I found the pillar ones and bought them as I was pleased that they went with the other ones.  The pillar candles are actually all made of wax and there is a plasticized paper wrapped around it with the words on it.  So about my coffee addiction….it’s a powerful one I’m not proud but it’s the truth.  When I go on a cleanse and I have to give up coffee one of the first things that happens is a 3-day headache from the caffeine withdrawal.  Coffee for me is a productivity tool, my brain processes information at a higher rate of speed when there is caffeine in my body.  One time at work I accidently drank decaf all morning and until I figured it out I honestly thought I was coming down with something because I felt so sluggish and out of sorts.  I have a one cup coffee maker at home that I love more than all my other appliances combined……you will take my coffee cup away from me when you pry it from my cold dead fingers!! (so yeah, big fan of coffee)