Father Time

My mom and I have been going through a phase where anything flat is a candidate to become a candle garden base.  She brought me this clock face and I am in love!  This wizard candle is something I’ve had for a while I just hadn’t burned it yet.  I wanted to wait until I had something to work with that would show it off properly, as it’s such a nice candle, rather unique.  Time is a very important concept to me, and has grown more and more prominent in my mind as I grow older.  I’ve come to realize that time is all I really have to give anybody; it’s the only thing I actually own and can contribute that is unique to me.  This means I tend to become impatient if I feel my time is being wasted, I have little patience for time thiefs.  Impatience is a demon of mine that I struggle with constantly, the good news is that I feel like I win sometimes and overcome my impatient nature more and more as I mature.  Having my daughter has really helped me work on my issues, especially my impatience.  I hope one day to overcome it fully.  The problem with impatience is that it prevents you from living in the moment.  If you are feeling impatience you are not appreciating the here and now but rather resisting the now and resenting that whatever is happening at this moment is not yet complete.  If I am to truly live my life then I’ll need to live each moment and focus on and appreciate whatever is happening right now…..while still planning for the future and learning from the past.