Flower Garden 2.0

Flower garden 2.0 was inspired by the silver flower candles, they are so different, a mix of nature and metal they caught my attention.  I’m very fond of the metal flower tea light holder as well.  The base is actually a picture frame for hanging on the wall, for me it works very well as a candle garden base.  The little robot guy is supposed to be a garden pest for a metallic garden, something like a robotic aphid.  I guess he hangs around and nibbles on the flowers, which are metal of course.  Apparently he’s eaten some rusty flower because he looks pretty sick.  Or maybe the gardener put some robo-aphid repellant on the flowers.  I’m fond of the little robot guy, I’ve had him for a while but he didn’t fit into any of my gardens until this one.  His name is R-aphid and he’s a result of cross-pollination of evolving robot types.  Robots evolve from using learning functionality combined with nanobot technology contained within the robot core processor. The information processor functions and priorities can change based on the need of the robot entity to adapt to its environment.  In this case this guy adapted to eat metal flowers, which are also produced via nanobot technology.