Frog Follies

So this is another frog arrangement, but with life like-ish looking frogs rather than cartoon frogs.  I bought the big frogs at a discount store and the little frogs were given to me by my mom.  The base is from Dollarama, it’s intended to be a generic wall print, but I loved it as a candle garden base.  The theme of it goes great, it looks just like an abstract of a frog hang out with the lovely green color and the organic looking splotches.  The only problem is that since its fabric covered it’s not re-useable once wax has melted on it.  It’s not a cost issue it’s just such a pretty base it’s a pity it’s only a one time use.  I like the way this one melted, two of the big frogs have wax beards at the end of it and it kind of suits them.  These frogs are just hanging out in the swamp, chilling with the little frogs.  The little frogs look pretty exotic to me with their dark coloring and subtle red spots, they remind me of the rain forest frogs that mess with your head when you lick them (I watch a lot of nature documentaries).  I can’t imagine licking a frog to get high but apparently this is done in some circles.  I suppose people who lick frogs might think that my hobby is pretty weird compared to theirs.