Ghost Party

Halloween is my very favorite holiday and I actually really look forward to it.  Each year I go to a Halloween social (if you don’t know what a social is you’re missing out, it’s pretty special here in Manitoba) and I love planning and building my costume, it’s such a great outlet for creativity.  I know a lot of ladies think that Halloween is an excuse to dress trampy without being judged.  I don’t really feel the need, I can dress trampy whenever I want to, as other people’s opinions on the way I dress have little influence on me.  I’m lucky that way; I know that some people really feel the eyes of the world on them……I used to be like that but I’ve grown, thank goodness!  Being overly self-conscious can be painful.  Don’t get me wrong, I very seldom choose to dress trampy but sometimes for whatever reason I feel the need (usually ladies night out).  So this is a ghost party and they are having a rocking good time.  The ghost with his arms up is telling a story of a time he scared somebody and they are having a good laugh about it.  The evil looking ghost off to the side is my favorite of this picture; he really looks nasty, well done to whoever designed him he’s frightening.