Glitter Blocks

These glitter blocks were found by my mom in a thrift store and I think they are wonderful, very nicely made with lots of detail.  The rest of the candles are simply to highlight the glitter blocks.  They came in a set altogether in the same box.  The base is a serving tray that I picked up from Dollarama, when I bought it I didn’t know what it was for but when I saw the glitter blocks I knew it would make the perfect base.  This is a simple arrangement that looks really pretty because the candles are so pretty and glittery.  I added glitter as a final touch, this was a risky move because I find that glitter is pretty hard to contain and I don’t trust the cats to not fool around with my stuff (cats are not to be trusted, I love them but its true).  It all seemed to work out well.  This one feels very celebratory; I suppose that’s the glitter effect.  No matter how celebratory something is if you add glitter it will become even more celebratory.  When I was a kid glitter was something to be glued to terribly ugly macaroni pictures, as I grew older it became known in my crowd as “stripper dust” and now it’s apparently become something I use in my weird hobby.  So use and understanding of glitter is apparently a life stage metric for me………I sure didn’t see that coming.