Grapes & Wine

This is a bit of a mishmash of grape and wine themed items, but I think it works.  My favorite pieces in this one are not the candles but the tiny wine bottles and cases, especially the little tiny ice cubes.  These are actually fridge magnets that I picked up from Jysk a while back and gave to my mom because she likes cute fridge magnets.  She had them for a few years and donated them to feed my hobby when I asked.  I think it turned out pretty nice overall.  The dark gel candle with the grapes and leaves is a zombie candle….I burned it for as long as all the other candles but once I blew it out it looked like it’s never been touched.  This is new to me, although I have noticed that gel candles seem to burn quite a bit longer than wax candles and the impacts of the burning are not as great if the gel candle is fully contained and not melting freely (i.e. in a candle pot of some sort).  I will most likely re-use the gold candle holder in a future angel candle garden, as mentioned in previous posts angels have superpowers like King Midas.