Grocery Cart Cornucopia

The grocery cart in this arrangement is clearly the highlight of this arrangement, once I realized I had to use it for candles it was simply a matter of filling it up.  I decide to use fruits and vegetables as those are appropriate for a cornucopia rather than packaged goods.  I remember when I was a kid around thanksgiving time they’d give us pictures of cornucopias to color or make one out of construction paper.  Now I’d bet that most kids don’t know what cornucopia means.  My kiddo has never brought me home a picture of a cornucopia so I guess it’s been dropped from the curriculum.  I can tell you that as a kid I thought that food spilling from a random horn seemed weird to me.  The grocery cart as a cornucopia makes a lot more sense.  So over time my mom has picked up a number of fruit and veggie candles and I used the ones that I feel are the most life like, reason being is that the shopping cart looks totally authentic and it deserves some authentic looking loot in it.  My favorite is probably the strip of garlic bulbs, this is quite the candle find in my books, I’ve seen tons of fruit candles but garlic? That’s taking it to a whole new level and props to whoever couldn’t live without making a garlic shaped candle.  Fruit candles are intuitive because fruit is pretty and smells good…..fortunately the garlic candles were unscented.  I also like the green lettuce looking candles; to me they look like some exotic Asian lettuce that would make a tasty spicy salad.  This candle garden is one of my top ten favorites, and this is due largely to the shopping cart.  My mom had bought this for my daughter to play with her dolls a few years back and when I started making candle gardens I decided to use it in an arrangement.  The only downside is that this was quite a challenge to clean once it finished melting.  Totally worth it as I love the pictures.