Happyface Guys in the Temple

The Happyface guys are candles I love to work with as they are super happy and chipper, just the type I like.  This is their temple, where they worship their god, who of course is a Happyface as well.  Presumably they were fashioned in their god’s own image.  The Happyface guys party at the temple, just as they would anywhere else.  Their god is a happy, joyful, rejoicing type of god, the very best kind.  They worship the god by being cheerful and happy in his presence, this is not difficult to do since he exudes happiness.  When these guys come to the temple they are really re-charging their happiness cells.  I think this works the same way for people but we all have different types of temples…..for some of us it’s the mall or perhaps a concert hall or even a pet store, for others an actual temple.  I think where you go to re-charge happiness batteries says a lot about who you are as a person.  My favorite part of this arrangement is the pillars, I used these in the Venus de Milo garden and my mom painted them and put on the Happyface stickers at my request (thanks mom!).