Japanese Flower Garden

This candle garden is an actual garden for once.  I was inspired by this photo frame that my cousin gave me for my housewarming party (Thanks Dennie!).  I’ve been going through a phase where I evaluate everything semi-flat in terms of its suitability as a candle garden base.  So when I looked at this frame, as tempted as I was to fill it with pictures, I thought it would be great as a candle garden base.  The multiple heights that are created when the frame is laid on its side reminded me of Japanese garden architecture for some reason.  I love the look of the minimalist black frame and the simple flowers and color scheme.  I think this is a really nice looking garden, it’s very elegant and clean.  I tried to use flowers that look as realistic as possible.  The dark purple flowers had this really neat velvety texture and the big light violet ones had a very cool plastic-y texture.  The square pillar candle with the gold symbol is a lovely candle, although I can’t determine if the symbol is Chinese or Japanese or other, I don’t know these languages although I’d love to know what it means.  Hopefully it goes with the theme of the garden.  When I burned this one I watched it for quite a bit, it was very soothing, like meditating almost.  The glow from the candles was really beautiful, the light reflections on the shiny stones really gorgeous.  There are lots of candles in here so it gave some nice heat too, which was quite cozy and lovely.  My only complaint about this one was that it took up a lot of surface area.  As you can imagine, surface area suitable for candle garden placement is a valuable commodity in my home.