Japanese Tea Garden

This Japanese tea garden was inspired by the white and blue large candle and the block patterned bridge.  My mom picked up these items for me and we noticed that the candle was made in Japan, which is the first time I’ve seen this on a candle.  Usually the candles I pick up were made in USA, China, or Canada.  The bridge looked Japanese to me also, in style.  A couple of weeks later my mom picked up the Japanese cups and I pulled it all together into a candle garden.  The white and blue flat stones were picked up at Dollarama and I think they work out very nicely.  The blue stones are of course intended to represent water.  I also used some painted white stone coasters that my friend picked up for me that came from India.  They looked like they fit in well with the theme but they’re not Japanese at all. The mat on the bottom is a placemat made of painted bamboo pieces that my mom gave me a set of for Christmas.  My mom said this was one of her favorites, for me it’s a little cold but I think it looks rather elegant.  I tend to prefer the look of more organic arrangements.  I had this one out when I had my housewarming party and people commented to me on how much they liked it.