Ladybugs Galore

Apparently ladybugs are popular with folks, as there is a lot to work with if you are into ladybugs.  The green tea light holder ladybugs are actually thumbtacks that I used to gussy up the candles a bit, in keeping with the theme.  The rest are actual candles that are ladybug shaped/themed.  Also, please note that I personally consider the word “galore” to be vastly underutilized in our society….seriously it’s a fantastic word and we should all embrace it.  So this was a pretty one, although using plastic thumbtacks with tea light candles did cause a flair up or two and the smell was not great.  You can see the flamers in the aftermath pics, one of the ladybugs actually burned a small hole in the base.  I monitor the burning of the candles pretty closely because if you haven’t noticed, I do not have a “safety first” policy with the candle gardens and I often use paper, plastic, and other flammable items in the candle gardens.  I enjoy the visuals so I don’t mind lighting candles that need close supervision.