Leaf Motif

The base for this candle garden was given to me by my mom; she picked it up in a thrift store.  I’ve come across a number of wooden serving trays; my guess is these would have been current around the 1970s.  This is a super big tray and I used it to make another leaf candle garden.  I used the same square wax candle holder that I used in Fallen Leaves garden.  This garden has an autumn feel to it, the pine cones add a nice touch I think.  My favorite candle in this arrangement is the large flat leaf with the multiple wicks running up the stem, this is a very cool looking candle, and I haven’t seen one like it before.  I have seen a surprising amount of leaf shaped candles in my time but this one is pretty special, I love how huge it is and it melted super cool.  Also, the tea light holder made of seeds was given to me by my daughter, she made it for me at school one day it’s a neat idea.  My kitten had a taste of it so it’s a little lopsided but it’s still gorgeous I think.