Lego Construction Workers

My partner suggested that I include more of my daughter’s toys in my candle gardens and suggested using Lego to make something.  The first thing that came to mind was these yellow round pillar candles I had picked up.  For some reason they made me think of construction and roadwork, I guess because they reminded me of the big pipes they use in sewers and such. I knew immediately that they would have to lie on their sides to look like construction pipes and I was interested to see how that would work out, from a melting perspective, once they were lit up.  I think this ended up being one of the more interesting gardens because of the side-laying candles and how it melted a super cool channel up the middle of the candle.  My daughter donated the Lego pieces to the cause and also some rocks from her rock collection.  She also helped me arrange the Lego guys.  My favorite piece in this garden is the little grey piece of pipe; it’s so bloody cute I love miniature things.  I don’t know what these guys are building exactly but they are working hard!