This one is named after the featured fruit.  I picked up the plate at a thrift store that supports an animal shelter for 50 cents (it was half price day).  The plate surface looks like a lemon and it has what looks like cigarette holders along the edge of it so I guess it’s a fancy outdoor ashtray.  It was made in Italy and looks lovely up close and it turned out nice in the pictures too.  It seems counter-intuitive to think that people would butt out cigarettes in this lovely plate.  I recently quit smoking and my perspective on all things smoking has changed.  I have no plans to become one of those rabid former smokers who tries to convince everybody to stop smoking; we are all entitled to make our own choices as adults.  My view on smoking cigarettes is that it’s a bad idea all around but if it’s something you want to do then have at it.  I’ve been a smoker longer in my lifespan than I haven’t been one but I’m over it now and super happy about it.  I did have a cigarillo after a golf tournament in the summer and it was lovely but not the same thing at all and it didn’t make me start smoking again so it seems that might be okay for me.  It’s not something I view as a slippery slope at all, but it’s probably different for everybody, what level of dabbling they can handle.