Littlest Pet Shop Orange & Yellow Flowers

My daughter is a big fan of Littlest Pet Shop, the tiny creatures appeal to her as she loves animals.  She suggested that I use the LPS animal in a candle garden, which is a great idea as they are small and super cute.  I found this candle base at Dollarama, I just loved the look of it the orange and yellow and white with the glitter is super pretty and delicate, I think it goes well with the flower candles.  Flower candles are fairly common so I have a bunch in different colors.  I choose the pets to include based on color; basically I just wanted them to complement the base and the flowers.  I love the little baby hamster, he is soooo cute makes me want a hamster baby!  I like the look of this one; it’s like a secret garden with mini animals hiding in the flowers.  There is a momma and baby kitty playing hide and seek and the big (relatively speaking) bird is teaching the little bird how to perch properly.  In my mind LPS animals are good parents and responsible citizens and they play with and teach their little ones.  I’m sure I’ve just been influenced by LPS propaganda…..they have good commercials I guess.  I have plans to do more gardens with LPS animals, the only issue I have with them is that they seem to only come in pastel colors so it limits what they go with.  Flowers are a good fit as they mostly come in softer colors as well.  I think the next one I do with these little guys will be a pink theme, there are a TON of pink LPS pets……clearly they’re out to corner the little girl market here.