Old Egypt

I called this one Old Egypt as I have plans to create another one called Ancient Egypt.  I’ve always been into Egypt, I read a ton of stuff on the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx during my youth and as an adult I’ve been fascinated by the Egyptian’s elaborate and detailed approach to handling the concept of death and the afterlife.  The Sphinx statue candle is a great find by my mom; I never would have imagined such a thing existed.  The statues on either side come from Dollarama of all places and I just put tea lights on their laps, I think it works and creates a nice lighting and shadows effect.  The sand pyramids are actually a tea light holder that’s been turned upside down and I filled it with sand and taped the bottom so it didn’t fall out when I flipped it upside down.  The camel is a gift that my friend picked up when she went to Dubai.  I love this candle garden, the Sphinx statue candle is really lovely and I like how the pieces come together.  The base of this is a tray I picked up at a thrift store for a buck; I think it works very well here and it’s something I will be able to re-use many times if I’m careful when I clean the wax off of it.  The pyramid candle is not quite the right shape, the angles are far too steep, but conceptually it works.  Overall this is one of my favorites, I just love the Sphinx statue candle, it’s truly awesome.