Peace Love Happiness Partylite Frogs

One of my close friends is a Partylite consultant and I purchased these frog candle holders from a catalogue she gave me.  Once I saw them I just had to have them, I think they are just lovely.  The frogs all look so calm and relaxed and peaceful and they are very nice quality pieces.  My mom gave me the baby frog candles shortly after I ordered the Partylite frogs and it just seemed to be a perfect fit……although I don’t know many parents that would look that relaxed with so many little ones around!  I have to say I am most pleased with the frogs and the wax came off of the ceramic super easily so clean up is easy.  I now have these frogs on top of my filing cabinet, I like having them around when I’m working on my comp…….helps me stay Zen.  The base is rather interesting I think, this is a faux wooden tile I picked up from the Dollarama and I really like to use it for nature scenes now.