Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patch is a garden I did for Halloween 2011.  Pumpkin candles are everywhere at this time of year.  I like the scared pumpkin best, he looks right freaked out.  He’s got this nervous, harried look about him, who knew that being a pumpkin was such a stressful job??  The little pumpkins are the same kind that I used in the Chatty Pumpkins candle garden, I like these guys as they are self contained and mess-free.  They don’t melt awesomely like the pure wax ones do but they are quite nice looking and they have great faces.  Each year at Halloween I decorate a pumpkin; this is a family tradition for me that goes a long way back.  It’s more fun these days as I have a little one that I can enjoy carving with.  We’ve spent some time on the internet checking out the awesome carved pumpkins out there; it’s a fun way to burn up some time if you can spare it.  The only problem is that my skill level is not up to par with the talented folks out there so I have to manage my kiddo’s expectations as far as selecting a pattern goes.  I’m no pumpkin artist, wax Jack O’ Lanterns are just my speed.