Purple Chicken

This was inspired by the purple chicken tea light holder, which I’ve honored by uncreatively naming the candle garden after it.  It’s a lovely holder, very nicely made and the colors are bright and cheerful.  When I had to figure out what to do with it I settled on the thought of adding purple candles and doing a purple theme.  The nice thing about this arrangement is that despite the large number of purple elements the chicken stands out very well.  I like when red and purple are combined, they are both very strong colors and the end result is a powerful color impression.  I lucked out on these purple flowers; my mom had bought a whole bag of them from Value Village for a couple of bucks. I still have some left there were so many I couldn’t fit them all in here.  The ball candle is very lovely as well; the design on it is beautiful and well executed and it goes very well with the theme.  This candle garden has a kitchen-y feel to it, it was a bright spot in my kitchen for a while.  It’s quite appealing as it’s so cheerful and perfect for a bland kitchen – it adds a quite splash of color.